DevOps World and Jenkins World 2018

Join the Code Partners team at DevOps World and Jenkins World 2018 in San Francisco in September.   It’s shaping up to be a cracking week of workshops and sessions covering the latest in software automation, DevOps practices, Continuous Delivery, Container Orchestration, Testing and more.   We had a great (albeit exhausting) time last year […]

Embarcadero 2018/19 Roadmap Update

Product management at Embarcadero have published more details of the 2018/19 Roadmap. Covering topics such as RAD Studio 10.3, codenamed Carnival (hmmm, no prizes for guessing the city name for that release. I guess Wagga Wagga will have to wait for 10.4 maybe?), FireMonkey Native Controls, Platform support, VCL and Windows Changes, RAD Server changes, […]

Jenkins Plugins Security Advisory

There is a new Security Advisory that covers issues in several Jenkins plugins, including the Kubernetes Plugin, the Confluence Publisher Plugin, the SSH Agent Plugin and several more. Descriptions of the issues and how they have been addressed in each plugin are included. Check out the advisory to see if any issues affect plugins you […]

RAD Server Performance Improvements

Marco recently posted details of a patch to RAD Server 10.2.3 that in his tests has boosted performance significantly. The optimisations cover a few areas, including: memory manager config more appropriate for heavy multithreading processing improvements streamlined license checking

Ansible 2.6.1 Security Fixes

There is a point release for Ansible that addresses a few issues, including a couple of Security issues: Security Fix – avoid loading host/group vars from cwd when not specifying a playbook or playbook base dir Security Fix – avoid using ansible.cfg in a world writable dir. This is in addition to the Security fix in 2.6 […]

Embarcadero Announce Free Community Edition IDE’s

Embarcadero have announced free Community Edition IDE’s for Delphi and C++Builder 10.2.3 Tokyo. The Community Editions have local database support, cross platform support (including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS support) as well as all the visual design, debugging and code editing support you’d expect. These are aimed at students, open source contributors, hobbyists, as the […]

Sydney and Melbourne Jenkins Meetups

We have a couple of very experienced Jenkins folks visiting from Cloudbees in the US next week, so we thought it was a good excuse to get the meetups in Sydney and Melbourne together. We’re not planning a formal presentation, but both Kurt and Aaron have been involved with helping a lot of large customers […]

RAD Studio 10.2.3 Code Completion and iOS 11.3 Hotfix

Embarcadero have released a Hotfix for Delphi 10.2.3 that covers two main areas: fixes for some CodeInsight issues further cleanup and fixes for iOS 11.3 (comments on the post indicate it also works for 11.4) Marco has further details here, but even if your not doing iOS, the CodeInsight fixes are worth grabbing.


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