Many Delphi applications have decades of investment contained in them. Decades of fine-tuning to specific business requirements, decades of debugging. Over the years many have become essential pieces of business infrastructure.

But increasingly we’re hearing from customers facing some key challenges:


Where to find skilled Delphi Developers who can take their applications forward?


How to ensure their critical Delphi applications work in a modern, supported environment?


How to extend their Delphi apps into the cloud, mobile, and the web?

Some think they have to abandon them and start again in another language. Rewriting a large, established app is rarely the best business decision, but then how do you move these Delphi apps forward?


We’ve helped dozens of customers who were facing these questions.


“Malcolm has gone above and beyond our expectations. He is a master in delivering solutions to clients for their utmost satisfaction. If you’re looking for efficiency, quality, expertise and service then your best bet is with Code Partners.”

Jamie Shostak, Managing Director, Webhype

Whether we’re supplementing your Development team, or taking on the entire project, we provide you with the visibility and control over what’s being worked on, and the flexibility to scale up and down resources to suit your needs.


With an agile process that is focussed on maximum reuse of your existing code-base, and a staged, low-risk introduction of new technologies, we can help you breathe new life into your existing Delphi investment.


Use modern web technologies, such as Angular and React, while still leveraging the proven business logic of your Delphi app on the backend.


Bring the on-demand scalability and reliability of the cloud to your Delphi applications.


Extend key parts of your existing Delphi app to mobile clients.


Expose the proven business logic in your Delphi app via an API so it can be leveraged and integrated with the other  systems in your environment.

On-going Maintenance

Free your teams to focus on new development opportunities while we take on the burden of on-going maintenance.

We’ve shown dozens of companies a way forward for their Delphi investment that makes business sense.

We’re confident we can do the same for you. Contact us to find out.