Software is critical to your Business.

Continuous Delivery is critical to your Software.


Continuous Delivery fundamentally changes the Economics of Software Development

By taking a manual, error-prone and infrequent process and making it something that is automated, reliable and safe,  Continuous Delivery makes it economically feasible to deploy frequently, even multiple times per day.

Once the pain and effort is removed from deployment, you can deploy in small batches, even a single change.

This reduction in batch size in turn drives higher quality, enables more innovation and experimentation, and much faster time-to-market.

In our experience CD is the single biggest improvement you can make to your software delivery process.

“Great, just what I needed. Something else to be an expert at.”

Fair point, you’re focussed on delivering value to the business. The last thing you need is something else on your plate.

That’s where we can help.

Code Partners are the Continuous Delivery specialists, having helped dozens of Teams improve their Software Delivery processes, and as a result:

  • shorten their delivery time,

  • improve their software quality,

  • spend more time innovating, and

  • deliver on their commitments to the business.

Over many engagements we’ve developed a selection of offerings to help you get the benefits of Continuous Delivery without losing focus on what matters:

DevOps Maturity Assessment

A free assessment of your current approach to DevOps and how it compares to our DevOps Maturity Model based on company size, development posture and industry best practices.


This is a great way to understand where you're at, and where the biggest opportunities for improvement are.

Continuous Delivery Jumpstart

This is a short engagement aimed at getting you up and running with Continuous Delivery. Our experienced engineers work with your team to get you started, to get the Continuous Delivery tools up and running, and to get your key delivery pipelines working. You get immediate benefits, and your team gets exposed to the process of writing pipelines without having to go through the learning curve beforehand.


Code Partners can help improve the Continuous Delivery skills of your team, either through formal classroom-style training, or a more one-on-one mentoring approach. Delivered at the speed that suits your workload, this training is tailored to focus on the things you need, when you need them.

Managed Services

Alternatively, perhaps you just want someone else to deal with this, and leave your team to focus on delivering for the business? That's where our Managed Services come in. We'll take care of keeping the Continuous Delivery system available and performing, we'll stay on top of Updates, Security Patches and Enhancements so that you don't have to.

Cloudbees Jenkins Enterprise

Through our Strategic Partnership with Cloudbees, the company behind Jenkins, the world's leading Continuous Delivery solution, we can help you scale Jenkins across the Enterprise, enabling:


- High Availability and Scalability


- Security for Users, Projects and Teams


- Single Management point for all your Jenkins instances


- Enterprise-level Support

Let’s discuss how we can help you improve your Software Delivery process.