Are your Salesforce Development, Testing and Deployment Processes Slowing you Down?

One of the strengths of Salesforce is the agility it brings to the business. Don’t let your Development and Deployment processes throw that away. Leverage our experience streamlining DevOps processes to reduce your cycle time, lower your risk and increase the ROI of your Salesforce investment.

DevOps is now a Strategic Initiative in the Enterprise.

Continuous Integration and Delivery, Test Automation and other initiatives are essential to success in Enterprise Development. Salesforce Development is no different. They offer benefits far beyond Development and Test by enabling you to:

Accelerate Innovation

Respond Quickly to Market Changes

Get Features to Market Faster

Provide Higher Reliability

Get More Impact from Salesforce Initiatives

Save Time and Money

Kickstart your Salesforce DevOps initiative

Code Partners can get your Salesforce DevOps initiatives underway quickly with our Kickstart program. An agile process in itself, our experts will work with your team to analyse the current bottlenecks and identify the quickest wins to achieve in the first Sprints. You’ll get real improvements inside two weeks, and you’re always in control of when and how far down the DevOps path you go.

Focus on your business, let us focus on DevOps

Your team has it’s hands full staying on top of Salesforce and your business, let us shoulder the job of staying on top of the latest changes in the DevOps world. Our Managed Service offering means that we’ll take responsibly for things like Monitoring, Optimisation, Patch Management and others, so your team can stay focussed.


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