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Update Subscriptions and the End of Upgrades

February 13th, 2018 Posted by CodeInsightTV, Embarcadero, News 2 comments


Note, due to some customers needing longer to get orders processed in their companies, the Upgrade Amnesty has been extended until April 30th.


We’ve had a lot of questions from customers since Malcolm posted his article about Embarcadero’s planned changes to their Upgrade versions. So many in fact, that we asked him to record a short video answering the most common ones.

So, if you’re wondering:

  • What’s an Update Subscription?
  • What happens to my licenses if I don’t renew?
  • Am I eligible to upgrade?
  • Can I upgrade from Delphi 1?
  • Does he really wave his hands around that much when he talks?

then this is the video for you. (more…)

The “Quality, Performance and Stability” Mantra

April 28th, 2016 Posted by Embarcadero 1 comment

Over recent releases you might have picked up on the fact that Embarcadero keep listing the same feature in every release: “Quality, Performance and Stability”.

That’s nice, but it’s a little fluffy. What exactly does it mean? I know I’ve had customers tell me that RAD Studio 10 Seattle was much more stable than some earlier versions, but it still feels a bit vague to me. (more…)